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How to Add Streamer Channels to a Roku Device

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  • How to Add Streamer Channels to a Roku Device

    You can now code map all kinds of channels for direct access on Roku. You will have to write down or remember the channel programmed and the button on the remote.

    To map these to a button on the Inteset remote, first you have to press the pre-programmed Device Button "D" on the remote or set up Device Code "03061" on one of the Device Code buttons (A, B, C or D) as in 1. below. Then,

    1. Press the Device Button

    2. Press and hold the SET button for two blinks, release

    3. Enter 9 9 4 and press SET for one blink, release

    5. Enter a 5 digit code from the list below

    6. Press an unused button on the remote.

    You can choose a button at the bottom of the remote or a colored button to store the code. Then, when you are using your Roku device, just press the button you chose for that channel and it will jump to that location. You can even create a macro to jump to that location every time you access your Roku device.Follow the same procedure to add other channels on different unused buttons.

    Many of these channels require a subscription.

    Google play 00022

    Rdio 00026

    Youtube (Not Youtube TV) 00032

    Feature Free 00043

    Deezer 00054

    Ch Store 00224

    Prime Video 00082

    TED 00084

    PS VUE 00085

    Spotify 00086

    Pandora 00088

    Red Bull 00090

    CBS AA 00128

    Yupp Tv 00130

    Vudu 00138

    Showtime 00149

    Hulu 00151

    HBO Now 00153

    WWW network 00180

    Crackle 00181

    The CW 00182

    Happy Kids Tv 00184

    Starz 00222

    Slingtv 00229

    Att TV 00247

    Roku Ch 00118

    Fandango Now 00133

    Netflix 00148

    ESPN 00187

    Disney + 00070

    As you can see, there isn't one for Youtube TV yet.