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INT-422 General Troubleshooting Tips

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  • INT-422 General Troubleshooting Tips

    1. The INT-422 remote is an Infrared Remote which means it must have a good line of sight to the IR receiver in each of your devices it controls. IR signals can not go through any solid walls or doors. With a clear line of sight the signal should be strong up to 30 feet or more and at about 30-40 degrees from either side of a centerline to the receiver. If the INT-422 shows a problem with signal distance or angle of reception on more than one device then you should contact us for a replacement.
    2. If you are attempting to re-program a Device Mode button or to learn any button, you must follow the included User Guide instructions precisely. Missing a step in this process will cause the programming to fail.
    3. If you are attempting to program the device code and all you get is a long flash of the LED then you either have weak batteries or the programming memory is full. If the programming memory is full the only alternative is to reset the remote to the Factory Default which clears all memory including the pre-programmed device buttons (A,B,C,D) (see User Guide to learn how to do a Factory Reset)
    4. When you want to program a macro, it is suggested that you write down the button presses in the order that you want them to occur. This gives you a reference point when you are programming as long macro strings can cause confusion. It also allows you to make sure that you enter all the keys and that the order makes sense. Keep in mind that the longer the macro is in terms of the number of button presses the longer it will take to execute. When executing the macro you must have a good line of site to the IR receiver for the whole time it is executing.
    5. If you have done programming on the remote such as macros, key mover, volume lock etc. and find that you are moving to a different set up or just want to start over follow the factory reset instructions but use code 980 not code 977. Code 980 resets just the programming that you have done and does not effect any factory programming or any device code programming on the A, B, C or D device buttons.

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    how do I get the number buttons towork