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Auction site for designer products Bid Boutique hires emarket

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  • Auction site for designer products Bid Boutique hires emarket

    The emarket agency was hired for the online campaign for the new Bid Boutique auction site that will be officially launched on the next 07/10. The campaign has already started and even before the inauguration of the site, emarket created the blog Leilão de Boutiques, which is already online with news and tips on fashion and also on other products that men and women dream of consuming. In addition to the blog, the campaign is being publicized on social media. On the Facebook profile , those interested can also follow news about fashion and designer products, as well as details about the site. A poll will be launched on the Bid Boutique page on Facebook in the coming days, asking participants.

    What is your consumer dream At the end of the promotion, an Emporio Armani watch or a Dolce & Gabbana watch will be drawn among all those who participate. The winner will choose which one is their biggest consumer dream. The campaign has already started Austria Phone Number List on Twitter and other online channels such as Google Adwords, news sites and blogs. About the company Bid Boutique is a penny auction site that will sell new and authentic products from high-end brands, at prices never found in conventional stores. Among the products that can be purchased on the site are Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci handbags, Tiffany jewelry, Lindt chocolates, Johnny Walker whiskey, Victorias Secret cosmetics.

    Carolina Herrera perfumes Le Creuset kitchenware, Apple electronics, Bose sound systems, among others, fulfilling the consumer dream of most people who value luxury and quality when purchasing a product. You run the great risk of the customer abandoning the product and the store. In addition to these “basic” conversion techniques, there are other principles that can increase your store's sales conversion, including “excellent navigability”, “knowing your customers”, and “visiting other online stores for inspiration”. Converting customers is very important. In our experience, the vast majority of online stores right now are getting a lot of customer traffic, but those stores just don't know.