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Problems defining a macro on rwy-122 remotes

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  • Problems defining a macro on rwy-122 remotes

    I have successfully programmed keys to turn on and control a tv-appletv-soundbar with a rwy-122 remote. Using another remote ( i bought two) I did the same with a tv-appletv-stereo system. But i can’t figure out how to power on & off all three with a macro with either remote. The paper instructions say any key other than set can be assigned as a macro, but the website says only the keys at the bottom of the 422 remote can be used as macro buttons. I’ve tried both but no dice. Followed the paper instructions that came with the closely, but when i try the assigned macro key nothing happens. Tried this more than 12 times assigning different macro buttons but none works. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?