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FireTV + IReTV + INT-422-3 play/pause send wrong keys

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  • FireTV + IReTV + INT-422-3 play/pause send wrong keys

    The combo in the subject works for the most part, but the Play and Pause buttons (using code 02049) are sending the wrong keys to the FireTV. Under Settings->Network, neither starts the test of the network as it should. I happen to have an old bluetooth FireTV remote hanging around, so I paired it to my laptop and ran evtest to capture the keys sent. I did the same with the IReTV via USB.

    FireTV remote play/pause:
    code 164 (KEY_PLAYPAUSE)

    IReTV play:
    code 207 (KEY_PLAY)

    IReTV pause:
    code 28 (KEY_ENTER)

    The key sent by pause is different from OK/Select (KEY_KPENTER). I mostly use the FireStick for Youtube TV, and Pause works there (OK does the same). Play only plays - it doesn't pause. I'm able to use it as is (and it works really well apart from the issue), but I'd rather it worked correctly. I have a FLIRC that does send the correct keys, but it's been moved to the Chromecast with Google TV that I recenty got. I did do a bit of early testing with the IReTV on the Chromecast, and I think I swapped the two receivers because the IReTV wasn't sending the correct key for OK/Select, either (it seems to require KEY_SELECT).

    With no software for us to interface with the IReTV, what are the odds this issue can/will be fixed?