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Fire TV Stick 4K Max & Harmony Ultimate One

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  • Fire TV Stick 4K Max & Harmony Ultimate One

    Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone here can help. I just purchased a Fire TV Stick 4K Max. Along with it, I purchased the Inteset IReTV USB IR Receiver & Inteset OTG Y-Cable bundle on Amazon. My plan is to control the Fire TV with my Harmony Ultimate One. Using the instructions online, I added a Microsoft Xbox 360 as a device and created an activity for it via the MyHarmony app. However, as soon as I hit any key in that activity, the blue LED on the IR Receiver lights up solid and becomes unresponsive. I need to unplug the IR Receiver to get it to reset.

    It's worth pointing out that this only happens with the Xbox 360 device. When I control any of my other devices (LG OLED TV, Yamaha receiver, Xbox Series X, Roku Ultra, Intel NUC) and hit any key on my Harmony remote, I can see the blue LED on the IR Receiver blink, so it seems to be seeing the IR commands for those other devices fine. However, as soon as I try to use the Xbox 360 device, any key press causes the IR Receiver's LED to go solid and for the unit to seemingly lock up.

    This issue sounds the same as the one imtommyfox posted in another thread. The only troubleshooting advice I've been able to find is to make sure USB debugging is Off, although this option doesn't exist in the Fire TV Stick 4K Max options anywhere. I've also made sure CEC is off on both my LG TV and my Fire TV.

    Is there a chance that my IR Receiver is defective? Is there a different device that uses the same IR codes as Xbox 360 that I could try in the Harmony software instead?

    Please help! I love the Fire TV Stick so far, but hate having to use two remotes! And I'd really hate to have to pack it all up and return it!

    Kevin Sartori

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    Well, four days later and this post has only had 3 views and no response from Inteset technical support. I also emailed Inteset directly, also no response. I can't say I'm very impressed! I guess I'll be returning my IR Receiver and OTG Y-Cable and try Flirc instead.