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6 Figures That Put USA Phone List Emotions

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  • 6 Figures That Put USA Phone List Emotions

    at the center of the Digital Economy The Big Six of Emotional Transformation Tags digital natives digitization emotions read later favorites 0 EA Elena Alfaro PhD in Marketing and author of the main publications on usa phone list Experience & Emotional Management. Owner & Partner of EMO Insights International. Creator of FANScinology, beyond CX Follow Author More than twenty years of professional experience have left me a legacy. The data convinces. So that later usa phone list say that we don't like mathematics! It is a reality, in many companies there is a kind of dogma of faith: "What is not measured does not exist". In fact, recently, the Product Design Director of a large automotive company told me, "Elena, we spend our lives trying to convince our bosses with gestures, winks, "shows", etc., because we don't have data to support our beliefs".

    And, it does not matter if it is a matter of initiatives, events, meetings with clients, or presentations to the press. There is always the need to have or quantify with numbers the issues that are intended to be defended. That is the usa phone list why I have dedicated this article to a highly relevant topic: FIGURES. It is about leaving no doubt that emotions usa phone list and Emotional usa phone list in companies deserve all our attention and interest. For this reason, I am going to contribute in this article, six figures that we are going to baptize as the "Big Six" that demonstrate the urgency of taking emotions into account: "95% of decisions are made unconsciously, they are emotional."

    According to Dr. Gerald Zaltman, member of the executive committee of the Faculty of Behavior, Mind and Brain at Harvard University, 95% of decisions are made unconsciously, which gives an idea of ​​the relevance it has for professionals and executives know the less rational thoughts, attitudes and feelings of people to make the right decisions. "A product that strikes a usa phone list with the consumer can sell up to 23% more than those that usa phone list to excite" . According to Millward Brown, a multinational market research company, the marketing campaigns that obtain the best results are those that combine the rational part with the emotional part. "The emotional response to an advertisement by a consumer has a much greater influence on their intention to buy a product than its content: we speak of a 3 to 1 ratio for audiovisual advertisements and 2 to 1 for print advertisements" .