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Email Marketing Useful Books for Marketers and Beyond

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  • Email Marketing Useful Books for Marketers and Beyond

    With the rise of platforms for social communication and sharing of photos and thoughts (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest , TikTok), email marketing seems like an outdated communication channel, a kind of old man who has not kept up with new trends. Despite this stereotype, email marketing remains the only channel that has direct access to your inbox. Is this not his main strength? Considering the opportunities that email marketing opens up, it is very important not to lose its potential and send a relevant, interesting email that the user reads to the end and that motivates them to take the desired action buy something or become a subscriber.

    In order to keep annoying situations as small as possible every marketer should know the basics of email marketing (and not only). We have selected 15 books, both foreign and Russian, where you will find a huge amount of useful information to your taste. Email Vietnam Phone Number List Marketing: Top 15 Books 1. Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business. Автор: Susan Gunelius email marketing book by Susan Ganelius Here the author is addressing small business owners and entrepreneurs. If you have a business (on the Internet or in real life), then thanks to this book you will learn the basics of email marketing : from collecting a subscription base to making a profit using email marketing tools.

    In a practical guide you will learn what lead magnets are and how to use them correctly , how to build simple conversion funnels and do basic list segmentation, how to launch targeting, etc. If you want to send relevant emails to the target audience, then this book is for you. The second part of the book is devoted to the topic of analyzing lists of email contacts: what metricsattention should be paid to how to use personalization and automation tools . 2. Email Persuasion: Captivate and Engage Your Audience, Build Authority and Generate More Sales With Email Marketing.​