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Small cells, the mosaic with which to build

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  • Small cells, the mosaic with which to build

    If this controversy has any political significance, it is that the KKE (with 5.3% of the vote in the last elections) has indeed played a prominent role in articulating and supporting various communist parties in Europe and beyond. . In Italy, he first collaborated with the Communist Party of Marco Rizzo, whose Youth Federation (FGCI), This text condemning the 42 parties was also the work of the Greek communists, helped by the Turkish and Mexican CP and the Spanish Labor Party.

    Now that the war has placed the pillars of post-Soviet communism in diametrically opposed positions, the Phone Number List recovery of the communist diaspora must overcome another major obstacle. Source: Il Manifesto . The original can be read here . Translation Pablo Stefanoni.It was late November last year when Aleksander Lukashenko first publicly announced that he would side with Russia if there was a war with Ukraine. For several months, his regime has relentlessly intensified its rhetoric about the situation on the southern borders of Belarus, unleashing hysteria and reiterating his support for Vladimir Putin's invasion.

    Although the Belarusian government has for years had a close relationship, actually one of subordination, to Moscow, it has sought a balance with the West to obtain financial and political benefits from both sides. But the 2020 presidential election in Belarus and its brutal crackdown that followed have shaken the legitimacy of the Lukashenko regime and left it isolated from Western institutions for its electoral fraud and police crackdowns, forcing Lukashenko to resort every once again to Putin for support.