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  • 10 gauge concern

    Good morning all,
    I recently purchased the Inteset J-1772 Extension Cord, 40 Amp, 21 Ft - for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, Carrying Bag, Ultra-Flex Cable, Made in The USA off of Amazon that had great reviews. Just received it the other day and the overall quality looks great. However, upon closer inspection I noticed that the cable is comprised of 10awg wiring which is not suitable for 40amps of continuous draw. This would require 8awg wiring to do safely. I read the Q&A on Amazon suggesting that this cable was tested for 40amps of continuous draw however I have some concerns that this may be unsafe despite working in this capacity. My EV charger is a JuiceBox 40 smart charger that will in fact draw 40amps/9.6kw continuously unlike many of the Amazon reviewers who are referencing lesser draw from 40amp chargers which actually have lower outputs. I am concerned that this cable is not going to meet my needs safely. Do you have any recommendations on how to resolve my concern? Can you make this cable to spec with 8awg (or heavier) wiring? I purchased this cable because it was made in the USA and had solid reviews, but at this point I am tempted to return the cable as I do not want to risk an electrical fire. Thank you.
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    Based on the attached 2017 NEC chart, the cable will not break down (become unsafe) until the heat generated by the flow of energy gets beyond 90 degrees Celsius. The chart indicates that a 10AWG cable with a heat rating of 90 C is acceptable at 40amps. Since our cable is rated at 105 C, it's well within the safety rating and it never reaches anything close to 90 C on a 40 amp charger.

    In addition, EV chargers are limited in how much current can come from a charger by your vehicles AC/DC inverter. If you have a 40 amp charger it will work great with our cable. You should not charge at a rate higher than 40 amps. Our cable has been tested for long periods with no heat issues on 40 amp chargers.